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Marshall - Club Deny Any Wrong Doing

25 January 2013

GRIMSBY Town director John Fenty has reacted to Bury manager Kevin Blackwell’s accusations that the club had been “shoddy” and “underhand” in an effort to keep hold of Marcus Marshall.

Speaking to, John said: “Further to a resolution on Marcus Marshall coming back to Grimsby Town Football Club, which followed a conversation between myself and Kevin Blackwell, where there was somewhat of a climb down resolution. 

“After seeing the video clip of Kevin Blackwell’s assessment of the whole situation, it is quite concerning that he attempts to bring both the FA and Grimsby Town Football Club into disrepute - making all sorts of accusations which are unfair and unfounded.

“The top and bottom of it is; our chief executive told his Bury equivalent that effectively the ‘24 hour’ clause didn’t need to be in there because it was a long term loan and the player could be recalled in any event. 24 doesn’t come into it. What they wanted to do was to safeguard an option to potentially transfer the player. That transfer came about when Luton put a bid in for the player and there after, very surprisingly, Bury didn’t make any overtures for us to show any interest. It was beyond this point that we received a phone call to say that the player had been recalled. Effectively they had received an offer for the player and terms had been agreed.

“They wouldn’t divulge the club and we had to accept that at that stage. It turned out soon after that Marcus didn’t want to go to Luton and said that he wanted to stay at Grimsby. In doing so he arguably turned down a lucrative deal, so we are led to believe. That is a credit to the player. He clearly knows what he wants and he didn’t want to go there. 

“The deal had then fallen down - nothing to do with Grimsby Town. And as things had transpired it turned out that there was a glitch in the rules. Where there is a long term deal in place and where a player had already played for another club, he then can’t play for a third club. In effect, if Luton had bought Marcus they would have had a player who wouldn’t be able to play for them for six months. We know that it is a farcical rule, but at the end of the day it is a  rule. FIFA, The FA, The Football League and the Football Conference have been residing over this for days and days and it has now met its conclusion. 

“We will now draw a line under this matter,” he added.

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