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Wembley - Do's & Don'ts

18 March 2013

HERE’S a few Do’s and Don’ts ahead of Sunday’s trip to Wembley.

Supporters flags

Flags must not be larger than 250cm at their widest or longest section & flag poles should not be longer than 1m.

Turnstile policy

Wembley Stadium operates a random but targeted spectator search policy unless the threat level for the Stadium is heightened or any specific intelligence is received from the Metropolitan Police. Bags will also be searched. 

Prohibited items
A full list can be found on:

The following articles must not be brought within the Ground. Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry to the Ground:
  • Any article that might be used as a weapon be deemed to be offensive or abusive, or  compromise public safety, will be confiscated & or reported to the police 
  • Unlicensed musical instruments: trumpets, drums & other devices capable of causing a disturbance or nuisance 
  • Flag poles greater than 1m in length
  • Flares 
  • Bottles, glass vessels, cans, flasks
  • Frisbees & similar items
  • Dangerous or hazardous items
  • Illegal substances
  • Explosives or ammunition; fireworks
  • Knives, blades or other weapons
  • Firearms
  • Scooters, skateboards or other skates
  • Laser devices
  • Smoke canisters
  • Signs or items with corporate or inappropriate branding
  • Unauthorised fliers
  • Spray paint, large industrial style “permanent“ marker pens
  • Prams / push chairs
  • Transmitting devices
  • Professional cameras & recording devices
  • Large suitcases, laptops, & back packs
  • Illegal merchandise items
  • Water bottles (need to have the ability to decant)
  • Illegal and unauthorised (by The FA) charity collection utensils
  • Motor bike helmets
  • Umbrellas
  • Darts
  • Hampers & Cold Boxes
  • Air horns
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (except service dogs & guide dogs)
  • Controlled drinking zone
The entire borough of Brent is covered by a controlled drinking zone (CDZ).

It is an offence to drink alcohol in any public place after being asked not to do so by a police officer or police community support officer. Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to £500. 

A police officer or police community support officer can:
  • ask a person to stop consuming alcohol
  • confiscate alcohol from people, even if the drinking vessel (such as a can, bottle or a cup) is unopened
  • dispose of any alcohol & containers in a person’s possession

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