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John Fenty Statement

21 September 2013

I am appalled by a considerable number of vile and rude responses towards me following my recent radio phone-in.  

Whilst travelling in a car on a noisy road last Wednesday I heard reporters on Radio Humberside debating, amongst other things, Paul Hurst's position as Manager of our Club. Specifically one of them said: "I feel sorry for Paul Hurst he doesn't know where he is. Is he in charge this week or the next week?" Etc, Etc.  

I decided to call in as I felt they were being sensational and inciting. 

I politely asked what don't you understand about Paul being in SOLE CHARGE? Also I clearly reiterated that the Club, in respect of Rob Scott's departure, is limited in what it can say, as it needs to be very careful it doesn't damage its position. Therefore statements relating to this situation have had to be carefully worded and do leave questions, which at this time cannot be answered.  

The point I was stressing was that Paul is in SOLE CHARGE, as it was clearly stated in Thursday's official statement. What don't people understand about that?  

The previous week through the club's press officer I had asked the following:

Hi Dale,
Re Rob Scott 

Please confirm this note has been actioned.  

Can you instruct Radio Humberside that the club has said all it's going to say about the position relating to Rob Scott at this time? 

Also confirm that they must only ask questions to Paul Hurst and eligible players about football related questions.  

I understand that Matt Dean has been pressing player/s unreasonably.  

For the avoidance of doubt only the club will take questions and respond on this issue at an appropriate timing. 

Best John 

Not withstanding the clubs request, Matt Dean continued his line of questioning to Paul Hurst relating to Rob Scott's situation etc, etc. 

I believe I have every right to defend the club staff, players and myself.  

I do not believe I was rude in any way, nor did I intend to be.  

I am pleased to say our club has never done so in spite of many situations where the club has had more than good cause to complain.  

For the avoidance of doubt: 

I believe in freedom of speech but expect to be treated fairly and with humility. I am accused of shutting down a fans forum. This too isn't correct. I pursued a line relating to some slanderous posts I had been alerted to. This resulted in the forum shutting down for a while which was not my wish. Conversely, I met the site owner recently to express my support for it to become a public forum once again.  

I have no issues in my tenure at the club being put through the wringer, but I expect to be treated as any of you would and have suffered, to be honest, considerable abuse that would have sent most packing.  

I am part of the decision making process at Blundell Park. We have a board of directors who make key decisions such as appointments hiring and firing etc and the club's representative fronts on their behalf. As I have sponsored the cost of these decisions over the last decade and stood up to be counted, naturally I am in the firing line.  

I have never shirked the task in hand or hidden myself away and none of us have made a decision with the intention of failure.  

We live and die by what happens on the field, that I understand, as I am a fan just like you, and a human being of course not a punch bag.  

I had every right to phone in and get across my point. It wasn't helped by the noisy road or the long gap as I waited on hold between the reporters mischievous debate which prompted my call and my interview as people cannot connect the two unless they listened first hand. I certainly wasn't rude and have never censored the press and never will.  

All I ask is that the press respect reasonable embargoes in the interests of the Club. This is not censorship or dictatorship.  

During my phone-in it’s quite clear that I was pleading with the station to work with the club to build a better relationship by according to an occasional embargo. In this case one that could come back to haunt the club if the wrong things are said or published. That's sense not censorship.  

Finally I would ask fans that have and haven't listened to the interview to do so in the context of the above. 

I don't deserve to be abused and treated so rudely in my opinion, when I have only the Club's best interests at heart.  

Yours sincerely,



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