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First Consultation Meeting

23 February 2015

TOWN director John Fenty came face to face with local residents, objectors and supporters of the proposed new community stadium project at the weekend.

John was at the first of three planned consultation events at the proposed site on Peaks Parkway.

He said: "Having a consultation at the site does bring out a ground swell of objections.

"It has been very refreshing to be able to hear what a lot of their concerns are.

"Naturally, until we go through the planning process, we can't see to all of them.

"I would like to reassure residents that we want to bring forward a scheme that would fit well in the area and does the least impact on residents' amenity.

"I would say we have probably had 60 for and 40 against – and naturally the objectors have been quite vociferous and have stayed around for quite a long time, being very inquisitive and wanting to understand as much as they can about it."

Due to the weather conditions, this Sunday's consultation will be held at Blundell Park. 

Please  take a minute to complete the Local Plan survey.

Ultimately the Local plan will map out its aspirations for the economy and area, for example where new housing, and a community stadium should go, and how it should be delivered.

Make no mistake,  this is your local plan, and it should contain, what you want to see.

We're in a six weeks consultation period which ends on the 13th of March at 5pm.

Please be sure to have your say before that date.

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