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MATCH REACTION: Marcus Disappointed By Defeat

10 December 2016

BOSS Marcus Bignot was disappointed with the 1-0 loss to Portsmouth at Blundell Park on Saturday afternoon, particularly with the first half performance on the day, but also believes it was a day of realism for his side.

A late free-kick from Kyle Naismith was the difference in front of a bumper crowd at Blundell Park, but Bignot believes he did get a response second half after a poor opening 45 minutes.

Speaking after the game, he said: ''The first half, I wanna take out who we're playing.

''We had a great crowd here and first half, I was very disappointed if I'm being honest.

''I think it's really easy to play here with the supporters because if you try to do the right thing they'll back you.

''I think in terms of our decision making first half, everything we did wasn't to my liking, it wasn't to the supporters' liking.

''We never gave them anything to get behind them, not a tackle, not a run, not a positive pass, you know so I can understand.

There's frustration from managerial point of view and a tatctical point of view. We wanted to shift the ball and move the ball. Portsmouth are a good team, lets not take that away but the first half lacked the performance that warranted the atmosphere that was created by both sets of supporters through for the first half.

''We never put a tackle in first half, we never got really them. We had good shape tactically and were well organised which was a good job as we did our best to give them the ball so the fact we had that shape and organisation first half is a positive and we can draw on that.

''We've gone against a team in Portsmouth and for how disappointing we were from a tactical and technical point of view with us and our ability on the ball, to come in at half time 0-0 was a blessing because it showed how far we've come in our organisation and the tactical side of the game.''

Asked what he said at half time to warrant a better display in the second half, Bignot said: ''I told them, they've gotta get in people's faces and try and be positive. How we want to play.

''They'll never hear me moan and groan if it's a misplaced pass or gets intercepted. If you try and do the right things you'll get encouragement from me and from the supporters.''

''I think the goal probably summed up the first half because second half we tried to be positive and everything we tried to do was positive.

''Again there were misplaced passes but it was misplaced passes in terms of the winger is on and we're trying to give it to him and misplacing whereas first half it was 'why have you passed gackwards? Why have you passed square'. It's negative and it's boring.

''Second half you saw the lead up to their goal was comical, we've had possession of the ball on the right hand side and then from nowhere it gets to opposite side of the pitch.

''Again they know about my restarts and due diligence, and a it's a throw in that is just a simple roll, it's a free-kick and then there's your quality.

''The lead-up I'm disappointed with, there's always at least three mistakes in the lead-up to any goal but the actual execution of the free-kick was the difference today.''

Town now face another difficult game when they head to Doncaster Rovers next Saturday but Bignot is relishing the challenge.

He said: ''Bring it on. I don't care. I probably came across a bit aggressive there but that's how I'm feeling at the minute. I'm trying to control myself because I hate losing football matches.

''I don't care who we play and who we're up against and the supporters don't. There's a realism.

''I don't care if it's Portsmouth, Barcelona, Real Madrid or the dog and duck, when we play a game of football, all I want is if they do the right things at the right times and be positive in everything they do.

''Win, lose or draw, we'll go home and we''ll be disappointed because we all wanna win but we'll go home, reflect and say we can't wait to come back.

''If you take away everything today, the realism is where we're at and where we need to get to and that's been a lesson for everybody.

''Everyone's encouraged. We'll go toe to toe with Portsmouth, we'll go toe to toe with Donny and hopefully we'll win and draw more than we lose.

''Certainly I'm disappointed but no, bring on Doncaster.''

Watch the full press conference. 

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