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We Only Sing When We're Coughing

14 March 2016

WE only sing when we’re coughing, sing when we’re coughing……………..

As harmless as some supporters consider smoke bombs at Football matches to be, they are indeed illegal and dangerous. On Saturday Exeter v’s Carlisle was stopped for over an hour due to a smoke grenade being discharged. This grenade caused a fire that resulted in the whole stadium having to be evacuated, the police and fire service attended with one supporter being arrested.
"It's a wooden grandstand, and everyone remembers the tragic time in Bradford," Exeter’s Chief Executive Julian Tagg told BBC Radio Devon.

Fifty-six people died and more than 250 others were injured when the main stand at Bradford's Valley Parade burned down on 11 May 1985 after what was thought to be a dropped cigarette led to flames engulfing the entire wooden structure.

On Saturday March 12th, Bognor Regis Town welcomed Grimsby Town supporters for the FA Trophy Semi-Final 1st leg, a match deemed to be one of the biggest in the history of Bognor Regis with a place at Wembley at stake. As per the norm this season, travelling support was phenomenal with over 400 making the long journey. This should have been a match of anxious anticipation  for the GTFC supporters however this was marred after our own supporters decided to throw smoke grenades into the goal occupied by the Bognor keeper. We are not sure if supporters are aware but if we had scored at that moment, the goal would have been disallowed as the match official would have stopped the match. More seriously the consequences of these devices hitting and permanently damaging the Bognor keeper do not bare thinking about and would result in substantive criminal charges for the person/s responsible.

In addition to any action taken by the authorities against the perpetrators, The Football Association (FA) also has the power in impose considerable actions against Your Club. These are not limited to the following:

1. Points Deduction – Imagine how the felling around the Town would be if this happened and we lost out on a place in the Play-Off’s or promotion as a result!

2. Fine – Unlimited in terms of the amount and is dependent on the seriousness on the incident.

3. A ban on supporters travelling to away fixtures.

4. Forced to play home fixtures behind closed doors.

We urge all supporters to help by supporting your club in a way that does not harm or risk the good name and heritage of one of the oldest clubs in English football.  If any supporter becomes aware or has any concerns with regards to supporter behaviour and pyrotechnic devices, we kindly ask that you politely remind those responsible of the damage that they are doing to your club, inform Matchday safety stewards or email your concerns through to Grimsby Town Football Club: Smoke bombs do not create atmosphere that is a fact, supporters collectively behind their club create atmosphere that ultimately helps your players push on to WIN.

The following link provides information for supporters surrounding the dangers concerned with pyrotechnic devices:

Thank you for your support and help us to stamp it out UTM.

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