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Bignot Looking For More Intelligence From Players

22 November 2016

BOSS Marcus Bignot was pleased that his players managed to come back twice to earn a 2-2 draw at home to Carlisle United on Tuesday evening, but admits that he was very disappointed with the first half of the game in particular and is looking for more intelligence from his players.

Speaking after the game and asked if his players showed character, the Town manager said: ''Look, if they never came back then you would've questioned it really coming out second half after the way we played first half so no, I won't be reading too much into the second half. It was more the first half for me.

''First half, we lacked intelligence and really played into Carlisle's hands.

We were totally off-script and I probably learnt more in that first 45 minutes than the time I've been here so disappointing and certainly, we were the victim most of the time of our downfall first half.

''The only blessing was that we came in still in the game. Although we gifted them a goal, we were still in the game in terms of a 1-0 scoreline so that was probably the only positive to take from the first half.

''A manager's always going to say goals are preventable but I'm not gonna say that, I'm gonna digest and pick the bones out of the first half.

''It's not a problem, it's an easy solution so we'll get on the training ground, we'll work hard on Thursday and I'll show them what I mean because I don't think they grasped it first half in terms of what we wanted from them, not off the ball but actually on the ball.

''Like I said, we caused ourselves a lot of problems in terms of that I wanted us to want more the ball more and make the pitch bigger in possession but we made it easy for Carlisle first half.

''Yes, they're second, yes, you can give them credit and you can be complimentary of the opposition but for me, it's a new group and I'm looking at my own team and the first half certainly wasn't the way I wanted to go about things in terms of helping us get on the ball and I just thought we gave it away too many times. It

''It was positional understanding of where you need to be, not to get on it but to make the pitch big and get others on it so no, I can't wait for Thursday.

''But that's three games unbeaten now, five points I believe and we've just played first and second so it's a good gauge of where we need to get to and what we need to do.''

The Town boss got his first look at Dominic Vose and Rhys Browne in the second half after they came on as second half substitutes along with captain Craig Disley, and Bignot was quick to point out how important having a good squad is to his plans.

He said: ''They did okay. It's a shame I can't make four or five substitutions because I like making subs (laughs) but no,  I always say you'll only ever be as strong as your bench and I wanna show that this is a squad and we'll only ever be successful as a squad.

''Yes, the eleven that go out there put us into a position to go and win football matches but the bench go and win you football matches and those that are in the stands watching, they create an environment.

''They probably weren't even expecting to be in the squad but when I first came into the club, they're the type of players that we talked about in terms of they've got talent.

''It's the other side now where we've got to get our players as reliable as quickly as possible so we don't get a performance like that first 45 where I'm questioning their intelligence, and I should never question that.''

Town now head to Crawley Town on Saturday afternoon, and asked what he wants from that fixture whilst pointing to his head, Bignot said: ''I'm looking for a very much improved game, using that.''   

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