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Omar Delighted To Be Reunited With His Old Boss

8 November 2016

TOWN striker Omar Bogle is delighted to be reunited with his old boss, Marcus Bignot, the man who he says brought him on at Solihull by giving him the freedom to play.

Speaking on Mariners PLayerHD, Bogle said: "Its a good feeling. Obviously he did a lot for me while I was at Solihull, we got on really well. He played a major part in improving me as a player so i'm buzzing to work with him again.
"I'm not surprised to be honest, he's worked hard for this opportunity. He's sort of got a connection with the club with me coming here, his brother playing here as well, there's sort of a connection there but I was happy to see him linked with the club.
"He's a players manager. Obviously he is an approachable person you can go speak to him about anything, he will be honest with you and he really does get in with the players. He's got a lot to prove for himself as well, he's really hard working and his attention to detail is really good.
"Obviously he's coming here and wants to get his point across and stuff like that and wants to get the boys on side so that's just how he is."

Was today a typical Marcus Bignot training session?
"We had a few like that at Solihull. Obviously I wasn't there last season, but i'm sure he's changed as a manager, improved and learned different things. Being part time as well when we were there, there was only so much he could do with us so he's probably changed but we did do a lot of tactical 11 a side sort of things."

Did he improve you as a player?  
"Yes massively," Omar said. "With stuff like that, he just let me go and play to be honest. I came in as a young player and he just let me go out and give me the freedom to play. He told me and made sure what I wasn't doing so well and what I was doing well, but there was never any pressure from him, he gave me the freedom."

And do you think he can take you to the next level now?
"Definitely. Obviously he will have improved as a manager as well, so we sort of improved together at Solihull, he was new to a manager. It was his first year when I went there or maybe second so he was still relatively new as a manager and we sort of grew together. I came here and improved as a player, he stayed there, won the league and improved as a manager so hopefully he can do that for me again."

Are you happy with your form this season?
"Yes - up until the last 5 games where I haven't scored! No, I'm happy I feel I've played well. The chances have been coming and the last few games, the positive is that even though I haven't scored, I've still done well and doing the right things. It's only a matter of time before i'm scoring again and as long as I get the chances, i'm confident more often than not ill put them away."

We were unlucky not to come away with anything from Bolton.
"Definitely. I think the major point and positive is that we showed our potential as a team and as a club as well. We went to a team that more than likely will be in the Championship next year, they're a massive club. We went there and we outplayed them in large parts of the game to be fair. We had some good chances and with the support as well, it shows that as a club we are much bigger than where we are now so I think that's the biggest positive."

Does that support help you?
"Of course as players when you hear the fans and how vocal they are in games especially away it definitely helps us."
On the Omar song. "I like that song! To be fair, it sounded good on Saturday, better than it usually does. I'm responsive to that, I really appreciate it a lot." 
 Watch the full interview.  

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