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REACTION: Bignot Received Referee Apology

4 March 2017

BOSS Marcus Bignot has revealed that official Nick Kinseley apologised to him personally for allowing the winning goal in the 2-1 defeat to Wycombe Wanderers at Blundell Park on Saturday afternoon.

A controversial strike from Paris Cowan-Hall sent all three points the way of the visitors after play was allowed to go on despite Gavin Gunning being knocked unconscious in the penalty area, and that came after a Callum Dyson penalty had given Town the lead before Danny Collins put into his own net to level things.  

Speaking after the game and giving an update on Gunning's condition, Bignot said: ''Obviously I'm late for the press conference because he's still coming around. He was knocked out cold and is just about starting to come round well.

''With head injuries its gonna take time and proper assessment so fingers crossed he'll be okay.

''Everyone sees me when I go out to the ref on the pitch and he apologised straight away, which is big of him but obviously it doesn't help the situation.

''But no, I can't fault the players for stopping because obviously he was out cold and there's a massive concern for not only a teammate but a human being and when its a head injury, its gotta be stopped straight away so lets just hope he learns and we don't see that situation again.''

Bignot was disappointed that his side weren't able to kick on second half after a strong first half showing, and felt that his players could have done better in the lead up to Wycombe's equaliser on the day. 

'''I'm disappointed, not with the own goal but with how deep we were because we've spoken about keeping a high line because Wycombe want to force you into the 18-yard-box and get mistakes.

''They got their touch of luck with that to get back in their game and we've already spoken about the second goal.

''I think first half we were a joy to watch, and there were actually outcomes from it. We got into some really good goalscoring opportunities and certainly enough chances to win two games today so I think coming in only 1-0 down gave them a confidence boost that they were still in the game.

''Second half, Wycombe changed shape and we never really got going but again they never got into goalscoring opportuniteis and even in that period we had an unbelievable chance with Sam Jones and his feet gave way underneath him.

''Then we've thrown the kitchen sink and even had more chances so you look at first half, second half but we went for it, put Dom (Vose) on and we even had chances in that period.

''So you take Tuesday's game, we didn't play well but came away with three points and today, we played well so how to be a football fan and a manager? Sometimes football is horrible. 

Bignot was disappointed that his side weren't able to further reduce the gap between themselves and the play-off positions but says there are plenty of positives to take from the game overall.

''It's one of those where it's disappointing because we  wanted to get to that 50 points, we wanted to play around the play offs at this mark and were just outside it in terms of points.

''We were so close to taking 10 points from five, which is great form and it looked a clean sheet performance as well up until that bizarre situation so I can't reflect too much on the negatives. 

''You've got to remain positive and I'm sure everyone saw some positive signs today.''

Watch Marcus Bignot's Post Match Press Conference

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