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Foresight Charity Attends Yeovil Clash

Town invited 12 beneficiaries and five carers from North East Lincolnshire-based charity Foresight to attend the Yeovil game on Saturday.

3 September 2018

Michael White

Grimsby Town Football Club invited North East Lincolnshire-based charity Foresight to Blundell Park to attend the Sky Bet League Two clash with Yeovil Town on Saturday.

Foresight is a charity which helps those with learning disabilities in North East Lincolnshire – working with around 150 disabled people every day.

Town invited 12 beneficiaries and five carers, from the charity, to attend the game and watch in the Main Stand, as well as walking on the pitch just minutes before kick-off.

And Paul Silvester, chief officer at Foresight, praised the club for allowing some beneficiaries to witness their first-ever game at Blundell Park.

He said: “It’s utterly fantastic, and it puts Grimsby Town in a really good light – the fact that they recognise they can offer opportunities which aren’t available to disabled people, some of whom are among the hardest to reach and the most disadvantaged in the town.

“And the club gave them the opportunity to do something which they thoroughly enjoyed and would have otherwise not been able to do – it’s a real feather in the cap of the football club!

“The invitation to this match was absolutely fantastic because the majority of the disabled people who went to the game have never, ever seen their local football team play before!

“That’s either because they can’t afford it, or because they’ve got nobody to take them.

“I was in our building on Friday and everyone was excited, and talking about the fact that they were going to the football match – that’s the buzz that was created.

“And what Grimsby Town Football Club is doing for us is absolutely fantastic, and it’s opened up a whole new avenue for our people!

“I’ve got to say a massive thank you to Graham Rodger and John Fenty for allowing it to happen.”

Beneficiary Mark Howe, fourth-right on top row of the above image, said: "I love Grimsby Town, and I was happy that I finally got to see them play!

"I enjoyed walking on the pitch - it was a new experience, and interesting to see what the players see." 

Foresight offers a wide range of activities for its beneficiaries, including sports and general social activities, each day.

Paul said: “It’s fantastic because if we weren’t here, the people would have nowhere to go so they’d be at home, lonely, putting lots of pressure on parents, and potentially putting pressure on the NHS.

“So it’s very much a preventative service that we offer that stops people moving to a higher need of healthcare.

“It’s great because every day you see the smiling faces who have enjoyed themselves, and they’ve made friends – and those friendships continue outside of our building!”

Foresight is based in Newmarket Street, Grimsby – just off Freeman Street – and is open 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays, and is shut weekends.

For more information on the charity please visit 

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