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🇳🇱 Grimsby Ancient Mariners Walking Football Club To Take Part In Almelo City Cup 2019

Grimsby Ancient Mariners Walking Football Club will take part in the Almelo City Cup, in Holland, for the third time next month

30 May 2019

Grimsby Ancient Mariners Walking Football Club will take part in the annual Almelo City Cup tournament in Holland next month (June 5 to 7).

The tournament - which includes more than 55 teams from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and the UK - runs from Wednesday, June 5 to Friday, June 7.

And the Grimsby Ancient Mariners (GAM), who were runners-up in the fair play section last summer, will be taking part in the event for a third year next month.

GAM secretary Peter Cribb said: “It’s a fabulous tournament. And that’s the reason we’ve had these sessions recently – for those who haven’t been to the tournament before.

“We’re taking two squads of 10 – we’ve got two teams in the competition – but we always enter the fun and enjoyment section, as opposed to the really competitive section.

“It’s just a fabulous four days away, and they treat you really well.

“Every year we’ve taken something to represent North East Lincolnshire when we go away – we’ve taken the Town crest, some Harry Haddocks, and anything to represent Grimsby Town.


“We did really well last year – we came second by one point in the fair play section.

“Out of 32 teams we lost it by one point to a team from Belgium – a team from Genk – and they were very sporting, and they deserved it.

“But our lads did really well. We stressed to them that it’s for fun and enjoyment – you accept all the decisions by referees.

“And at the end of the game, you shake hands with the referees and say ‘Thank you very much,’ and that’s what we did.”

For more information, please visit Grimsby Ancient Mariners Walking Football Club’s official website.

Watch the interview with Peter Cribb in full for free on our official YouTube channel.

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