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📝Women’s Team Update

Dale Houlston remains upbeat whilst having some frustrations regarding the overall performance against Louth OB.

8 January 2020

Club News

Dani Gets The Green Light

8 January 2020

Grimsby Town kept their 100% win record going with 5-1 victory over Louth OB Ladies, with goals from Dejonge, Wharton a hat-trick from striker Laura Robinson.

Reflecting on the game manager Dale Houlston remained upbeat whilst having some frustrations regarding the overall performance. Dale said: "First and foremost it's another three points and another win, and that is the most important thing, so a good start to 2020 results. But in all honesty that isn't anywhere near where we need to be in terms of the overall performance. You know what this team is going to come up against much stronger challenges than this as it progresses, especially in the County Cup; and I think we would have been punished if we put a performance in like that against better opposition. Particularly with regards to our in possession play. I think that in the first half we just didn't get our passing game going; especially passing over short distances. Time again we surrendered possession too easily because we didn't make good decisions.

"It might sound a bit harsh on players when the manager is sounding a bit disappointed in light of a 5-1 victory. I get that I really do, but I guess I am looking at a bigger picture and the future needs, and even games that might be just around the corner. Let's be honest with ourselves, player for player we know we are much stronger than the teams in this league which is a starting point for us. And rightly so there is an expectation for Grimsby Town to go out there and win every league game and get promoted this season.

That isn't being arrogant or disrespectful either and so I hope it doesn't come across that way. But we have identified a way in which we want to play the game and it is important that we concentrate on doing this, even if players think the result is going to be a foregone conclusion before a ball is kicked. I know sometimes it can be difficult to be disciplined in continuing to play the way we want to when it is obvious what the result outcome is going to be, but we really have got to use every opportunity to practice this, no matter who the opposition is. Because if we don't then we are going to struggle when we get the chance to test ourselves against stronger opponents, which isn't going to be far away now you know. So great to get the three points, but we need to be getting those points in a better manner".

The team now has a one week break before the quarter-final of the County Cup on January 19th. On this Dale added: "It isn't ideal having another break before the County Cup game at Grantham. I would sooner we had a fixture as the stop-start situation can be disruptive and prevents you from keeping the momentum going. We will have a little look to see if we can organise something, maybe a friendly or something. Grantham looks like it could be a harder test for us. They are in a much bigger and stronger league than what we are and they've made a decent start too. So it should be a really great cup tie to be a part of. I am looking forward to it. I expect it to be one of those tougher tests that I have already spoken about".

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