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Women’s Team - Update

A week into the permitted "free agent" period and our women's team have already started to receive a number of enquiries from players wishing to join the club.

11 June 2020

A week into the permitted "free agent" period and our women's team have already started to receive a number of enquiries from players wishing to join the club. We spoke to manager, Dale Houlston for an update.

He said: "We've already received details of players that want to join us and it is very encouraging so far.

They've all got something to offer and I've commenced talks with them. In the meantime, one particular player has jumped right off the page though, a player that is very experienced and has played at an extremely high level. I have already had an encouraging conversation with her and there appeared to be so much synergy between what we are looking for and how she wants to continue in football. She is very keen in her next role to be playing somewhere that she can also be passing down experience and know-how to younger players, and we really value that sort of enthusiasm and input. There are great possibilities for a player like that with us. Nothing at all certain yet with this player though, but we will keep the dialogue going and hope that we are able to do something"  

When questioned about whether there is any possibility of players moving in the other direction, Dale replied: "Yes we have had enquiries about a couple of our players. To be honest I'd be very disappointed if we hadn't. I'd be doing something drastically wrong if our players weren't getting noticed. I think that is testament to what we are building here for women's football isn't it, when other clubs start taking note of the quality of players that we have. I've had a chat with the players concerned, and they are extremely flattered to be on people's radar. Why wouldn't they be? But I am also confident that these players are extremely happy at Town and value what we are building here and the contribution they've made so far has been terrific. We will have to wait and see what the outcome of this is, but obviously I am not looking to lose anyone at all this summer. It's a great group with some smashing players ". 

Best wishes and kind regards.


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