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10 March 2020

Grimsby Town F.C. will come together with other EFL Clubs today to highlight the positive impact football has in changing people’s lives and the work taking place to tackle some of society’s biggest issues.

Across the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two, events will be held by Clubs on EFL Day of Action to showcase the very best programmes and activity they deliver in a number of important areas, including diversity and inclusion, education, and health and wellbeing.

The impact of the work carried out by EFL Clubs and Club Community Organisations (CCOs) is unparalleled, with more than half a million hours of group activity delivered and over 40 million hours of participation each season.

During the 2018/19 season, almost 900,000 people took part in a wide range of activities across key areas, with Clubs and CCOs receiving over £60 million of direct project funding. 

The EFL Day of Action aims to unite Clubs and CCOs on one day to celebrate and highlight the impact they have in their communities, bringing together the most unique projects and programmes being run across England and Wales.

Managers and players from the EFL’s Clubs will be attending events up and down the country on Tuesday to pay special visits to see participants in action and to provide their support to various projects.   

This afternoon, we welcome two of our local Primary Schools, namely, Weelsby Academy and Strand Academy as part of our Super Support pilot scheme. We have come together with two local schools, both within 2 miles of Blundell Park, to deliver extra-curricula activities, to improve life skills, health and well being and resilience. We are pleased to have support from Humberside Police and funding from the Home Office to deliver this innovative pilot project.

Vice Principal, Emma Price from Weelsby said: 

"The children from Weelsby Academy have enjoyed the initial sessions. They understand that they have been carefully selected and appreciate the opportunity that has been given to them. The children are eager to complete all sessions and understand the importance of doing so. The enthusiasm and engagement from the children has been high."

"After the first two sessions, the children have come back to school excited about the next. Although disappointing, the cancelled session showed us how much the children were gaining from the sessions as their disappointment at the cancellation was evident.  The selected children gain a great deal from extra attention and support from adults. So much of their school day is spent in pacey lessons which are aimed to improve their reading, writing and maths skills; the Super Support sessions are giving the children the time that is required in order to support them with other necessary life skills."

Steven Peck of Humberside Police's Community Programme also spoke ahead of the designated day of action.

"The Home Office is currently funding a national pilot program across eight Police forces. One of the pilot sites is based in Grimsby within the Humberside Police area. A pilot role within the police service has been created to identify and coordinate partnerships working in the local area to support the community from the impact of criminality with particular focus on the impact of organised crime in our communities."

"One key area for support is to boost self-confidence and aspirations amongst school children. International projects have seen success in providing additional school hours for children and I was keen to research whether additional school hours could have a positive impact on local children."

"I was already aware of the work being conducted with local children and youth services by Grimsby Town Sports & Education Trust (GTSET)  led by Graham Rodger and was keen to see if our objectives could align on a local school program. Working with GTSET we were able to devise a pilot program working in collaboration with two local primary schools to provide extra school hours for children at both schools two nights a week."

"It is clear to see the enthusiasm that GTSET has to engage and support young people. I was really encouraged by the facilities and the staff involved to deliver the program I intended. I strongly believe that educating young 9,10 & 11yr-olds in Personal, Social & Health Education (PHSE) will be an important factor in raising their aspirations and life skills from an early age. I also believe that providing such sessions coupled with maths and English boosters in a sports setting will provide a positive learning environment."

"The fact that children can attend the local professional football team’s stadium for education is a huge positive. The link to the football club via the stadium sessions and the staff uniforms will hopefully excite the children to attend and engage in the sessions provided."

"I am confident that this pilot will be a success and advance the education of local children and young people in a positive way. I look forward to identifying the positive impacts of the children, the school and parents. This pilot program would not have been possible without the willingness and positivity of GTSET to devise and commence the program promptly which is testament to the infrastructure they already have in place."

Five EFL fixtures will also take place on the evening of the EFL Day of Action, with Clubs further supporting the day with warm-up t-shirts and in-stadium assets. 

EFL Chairman, Rick Parry, said: “Our Clubs have always had a unique position in the heart of their respective towns and cities and it is important that we celebrate the work they carry out, which improves lives and tackles some of society’s biggest issues on a daily basis.

“The recent study commissioned by the EFL shows that Clubs’ work in their communities is happening on a huge scale and starts to place a real value on this work, providing further insight into the impact of programmes provided.

“The hours committed by staff and volunteers at Clubs and CCOs, as well as the support from players and managers, demonstrates a remarkable commitment to improving lives up and down the country.”

You can follow what other clubs are doing across the EFL Day of Action by following #EFLDayOfAction on Twitter. 

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