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Why Support The Mighty Mariners? AN UPDATE

Update: Keegan has been back in touch and is now officially hooked. Welcome aboard.

21 October 2020

Update: Keegan has been back in touch and is now officially hooked. Welcome aboard.

Hello Kirky,

Wow. Grimsby sounds like an amazing club. I would be honored to count myself as a fan. This was truly the kindest email (and most exciting one) that I have received. What is the best way for me to watch the team while in the States? What players should I keep my eye out for? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!!



We’ve been asked the following question by Keegan. 

Hello, I am an American who loves football. I'm looking to pick a team to follow in the EFL. Why should I support Grimsby Town? What makes your club unique? I look forward to hearing from you. 

We got our club historian and passionate supporter, John Kirk on to it. Here’s Kirky’s response. 

Hi Keegan, 

You've got to support the Mighty Mariners - everyone should.  But for Americans it is essential.  You see the Pilgrim Fathers set off from England (via a year or two in the Netherlands), from a few miles up the coast in Immingham - a fact that few know, but true!  We're also about 50 miles up the coast from Boston, a name you'll be very familiar with, and therefore we gave you lots of American-English words, such as "Fall," (a Lincolnshire word, whilst other parts of the country call it Autumn!).  And to emphasise our American connections, lots of our fans (including the author of this piece) went to the same school in Louth (16 miles from Blundell Park – our home stadium) as Captain John Smith of Pocahontas and Jamestown fame! 

Now, if that wasn't enough on its own, we have the very best fans in the league, and I think many opposition fans would concur with that view.  They're very friendly, and do wonderful things like raising loads of money for the club, using fancy dress (when they're allowed to attend games before and after Covid), and lots of charity fundraising too. 

The club is very historic.  Although we're in the fourth tier at the moment, we hold records such as the ground record at Manchester United's Old Trafford - a record we have held for 81 years (the other team that day was Wolverhampton Wanderers), we've played more teams than any other club in England, been promoted and relegated more than any other team, (never a dull moment!), have played in EVERY division, and were formed in 1878. 

We're just the best (but don't tell everyone, they only get jealous!!!!)

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